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      Dugdeep recording studio was founded in 2017 as a Asbury park N.J. area Recording Studio, and as an extension of Dugdeep Production which was founded in 2000 as a music Production company by world class session musician and producer Jack Daley. 

     While deciding on a location we were attracted to the deep and diverse musical history of Asbury Park.  Starting with the early days of Arthur Pryor and the John Philip Sousa big bands, the west side jazz scene of the 1930’s and ’40’s, the sounds of the gospel and jazz progressed into doo-wop and Rock and roll in the late 1950s, and those genres influenced the soul and funk sounds that along with rock and blues dominated by the late sixties. Then the Jersey Shore rock scene of the 1970’s and ’80’s and the amazing punk scene at the Lanes in recent years. 

    Not only were the sounds of music icons such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie heard in venues all throughout the city of Asbury Park.  Exciting Jazz, R&B, and gospel, on front porches and in backyards and parks around town,  Asbury Park’s famous spots such as the Orchid Lounge may be gone now, But that sound and influence paved the way for a new wave of artists Like Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny and Little Steven jamming late into the night at The Upstage and influencing an entire new wave of musical history which continues today at venues like The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, The Saint, House of Independence and The Iconic Lanes.

     So, after growing out of our home location in Monmouth beach we purchased the building and started the long process of design and approvals leading to the buildout  of our new facility.  We share this building at 625 Bangs ave. In downtown Asbury Park with The Daley Practice Yoga Studio.   

    The studio was designed by our great friend world renown Studio  and speaker designer Larry Swist with some last minute tweaks by studio owner and world class studio musician Jack Daley.  Offering professional music production services and full service recording to talented  bands, musicians, and singer songwriters. Our rooms feature the best of both modern and vintage gear.

    Our recording and production facilities are far from the claustrophobic confines typical of other studios, providing a unique and rewarding experience. Our state of the art studios provide a comfortable and innovative environment to achieve quality world class results in a warm and inviting setting in the middle of the Exciting Asbury Park Central business district.

   With a spacious lounge and 2 separate Live rooms and 5 separate iso booths   addressing various needs while ensuring the best possible conditions for your recording project.            

    The Larger A live Room  is well suited for tracking dates featuring a full Rhythm section or for sessions where the extra room is necessary or beneficial.  

   Featuring beautiful southern sun exposure, warm mahogany room treatments,  diffusion, and bass trapping and a great view of the street outside. (so nice to see the sunshine beaming through) 

    While, the smaller and more private B live room is the home for a beautiful Yamaha C5, 1957 Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer electric Piano .

    Whatever results you would like to achieve or music you want record, our experienced team is here to help you make the most our of your skills and  creativity.



A world class mix is often the difference between a great and average sounding recording.  At Dugdeep We have the ability to work with you on your project achieving a level of professionalism and quality you might not have thought possible for very reasonable rates. 


   We have mixed records for

Major label recording artists

from all over the world and you

will be thrilled with the end

results.  Send us your tracks

and Together we will create

something Truly great!!!

​Contact us to start Mixing today


Create and capture your next recording with experienced world class professionals With multiple major label credits 

using the latest recording technologies combined with the best vintage gear and instruments available properly setup and ready to go.

At Dugdeep recording studio  You’ll not only have your pick of the best equipment and instruments  but also access to some of the worlds top session musicians. The world of sound is at your fingertips. 


Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today! 



For mastering we prefer to use some of the best Mastering Engineers on the planet. We will help you find the perfect person for your project at surprisingly affordable rates  Note ! With the addition of ATC 110 monitors we we will now also offer in house mastering services as well. 

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Work with the Latest Technology and the best of vintage combined with the most high tech and best quality gear available 

Neve 1081 micpre/equalizer -2

Neve 1073 micpre/equalizer -2 

Neve 1073 DPA dual -2

Neve 1073 OPX 8 channel micpre

Chandler TG microphone cassette -2  
UA 1176 -2
UA LA2A -2

empirical labs distressor-2
Manley Slam stereo
Manley Vari Mu stereo

Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor

Undertone Audio UnFairchild 670 m2
Manley Massive Passive stereo

Pultec Mastering Equalizer EQM-IS -2

Api 5500 dual mastering Equalizer

Api Legasy Console with Custom Steve Firlotte and Ian Gardner built Inward connection center section and 500 series rack 
Api 212 micpre -24
Api 550A -24
Api 225L -24

Api 529
Api 2500

Api 525 -4 

Api 529 

Api Di 

Api 312 -4 Micpres 

Protools HDX 2

Apogee Symphony Mk 11 -2  32 I/O Plus SE card for mix  
Adams A7X speakers with sub


ATC 110 Soffit mounted

ATC SCS70 Pro 12 sub 

Avantone CLA 10   

Wunder U47

Neumann U47 FET x2

Neumann u67  x2

Neumann u87ai  x2 

Neuman KM 184 stereo set  

AEA A440 ribbon

AEA R88 stereo ribbon

Coles Ribbon Stereo pair

Royer r121 x2

Hand wired Vox AC30

Hand wired Marshall plexi with 4x12

Hand wired Marshall 18 watt 

Hand wired fender deluxe reverb

Vintage Ampeg B15

Vintage Ampeg B15s 

Fender Bassman 10 

Ashdown little Bastard

Ashdown  Abm 500 2x10 combo

1966 Jazz Bass Flat wounds 

1965 P bass rounds 

1966 Fender Mustang bass flat wounds 

1963 P bass Flat wounds 

1973 rickenbacker 4001 Flats 

Hofner Custom Club Flat wounds 

MusicMan Stingray Fretless

MusicMan old smoothie

Hagstrom 8 string bass

Fender bass vi

1966 Kay upright 

Gibson Les Paul

Fender Stratocaster  

Gibson Acoustic 

Guild 12 string acoustic 

Guild B50 Acoustic bass 

Yamaha C5 grand piano 

1958 Hammond B3 with 145 Leslie 

Wurlitzer 200a 

Yamaha 20th anniversary Recording custom drum set 

Gretsch New classic maple drum set 

Ludwig classic sixties drums 



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We’d love to be a part of your next audio production. Get in touch with us today.

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